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On Friday, August 2nd, 2013, Arun Gupta came to Baltimore for two events: "The Importance of Independent Media" and "The United States of Fear." Gupta argues a path forward towards directly challenging the types of fear the state, corporations, and police use to repress the population, including: identifying our fears, having honest dialogue, and build real relationships and communities of trust and solidarity.

Occupy. Photo By:Josh Healey

At the top of the list of what the Occupy movement accomplished is, “We surprised ourselves.”

By “we,” I mean anyone residing on the left. To be on the left is to be intimate with defeat. Sometimes defeat is heroic, as with the Spanish Civil War. Sometimes it’s betrayal, as with the fate of the Russian Revolution. Defeat can be bewildering, as in, “What happened to that moment of Feb. 15, 2003?” Often it’s just depressing, like the delirious 60s that gave way to the tortuous 80s.

Photo of Protestors at RNC 2012

Politics is an elaborate chess match, and in St, Petersburg one small strike was staged against the Republican National convention on Aug. 26 that revealed the thrust of President Obama’s 2012 re-election strategy.

The American century is drawing to a close. The United States is a wounded, but dangerous giant as its power is waning. As there is no contender for the throne, however, U.S. military and political power will continue to be projected globally with the support of other national elites, but with diminishing effect. --- The economic crisis is leading nation-states to retreat inward.

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