Auset Marian Lewis

Auset Marian Lewis

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The word “entitlement” had prestige and dignity before the party of “no” got its hands on it. The point is that these programs are being hotly debated and politicized in the deficit reduction melee on Capitol Hill. The racialization of the issue is a common strategy to turn serious discourse on its head and rally irrational support by appealing to embedded racial stereotypes.

President George W. Bush presents the Medal of Honor to neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Image source:

Dr. Ben Carson is a well-trained plantation fox, guarding the hen house of White supremacy. He is infected with the delusion of individualism and Bill Cosby boot-strapitis. He can be found on his way to the White House, tripping the political, racist land mines set for his demise. Just think, he could live in Baltimore, not far from me. Well, there goes the neighborhood.

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Crimes against Black people in this country can only be described as "unspeakable." Maybe that’s why nobody wants to talk about it. It’s painful for Black people and frankly, inconvenient for many Whites. The subject certainly does not fit into Scott Terry’s conversation of White people as the newly disenfranchised. But if we do not speak about it, White people (and Black apologists) will appropriate Black history and heroes to take us back to the days when the Republican Party really was the party of the abolitionists, and the Dixiecrats housed the Ku Klux Klan.

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“America works,” says the new superstar of the Republican party, Marco Rubio. Gridlocked-Congress America works? Tell that to the predominately Hispanic and Black underclass whose boats are not rising with the White American tide. The wealth gap nearly tripled between Whites and Black people in 2009. The Pew Research Center reports that the median wealth of White households is 18 times that of Hispanic homes.

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My husband is a Black man. He is one of the hardest working Americans I know, but he is wearing the face of crime in America. Although it may be of little comfort to know this, the Bernie Madoffs and Wall Street derivative junkies of the world are more likely to do you harm than my dapper husband walking to his car parked on St. Paul Street. If the face of crime in America is not the Black man, then what does it look like? How can we adjust our thinking about this pervasive lie?

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Racism as a persistent cancer of the American system, infecting the blood that runs through its democratic veins, is an idea that is not readily accepted by the White status quo. The dominant culture sees racism as some inconsequential strange and unique appendage of the Republic that can be severed, ignored, or accommodated with special considerations for the handicapped. So when Derrick Bell, a cerebral, Harvard legal scholar admired by President Obama, identified racism as a terminal disease that is permanent, Whites went all Farrakhan on him. The media tied Obama to Bell in his Harvard years and pilloried the President with slurs that he is a racist

A black man wears a shirt that reads, "Not Chris Dorner Please Do Not Shoot". Image source:

The mainstream White media represented Dorner as a loony with a grudge and an assault rifle. But an amazing thing happened in the alternative and social media outlets. Although African Americans did not support Dorner’s murder spree, many supported Dorner. The difference between how Black people saw this and White people viewed Dorner was like the parting of the Red Sea. It was like the O.J. case: Blacks on one side and Whites on the other. The issue for some Black people was Dorner’s blowing the cover off the racist, brutal tactics of police bullies in poor black and brown communities. For White people it was just the case of a murderer on the loose.

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Today America wants to have amnesia about its racist past, much less face its racially challenged present. While people of color, women and LGBT advocates are not quite melting into the white-dominant-patriarchal-hetero-pot as they demand rights and recognition, the rug is slipping out from under black people who led the way toward justice in the King era. Right wing bigots are quoting Dr. King in a Machiavellian attempt to confound the truth of their regressive agenda.

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Of course who can blame Republican candidate hopefuls from distancing themselves from a party whose pointy white hood is showing. It’s embarrassing as well as downright unelectable in the 21st century. And with this new debate on the Second Amendment and white men in camouflage cargo pants (tricky) hunkered down in the wilderness with their assault rifles selling wolf tickets to the government, well, it smacks a little of the Civil War. What with meddling in women’s underwear with ultrasound abortion legislation and insulting people of just about every color, the optics for Republicans are not good.

Trayvon Martin In Post Racial America by vagabond ©

The entrenched structural and institutional vestiges of slavery, Jim Crow, and its aftermath have not been dismantled, although the modern optics of racial inclusion obscure the facts. It is understandable that Americans, white people in particular, are breathing a sigh of relief that racism is on the run with the election of our black president. It is comforting to be able to point to the Tea Party as “the problem” and the few bad apples in whom reside the vestiges of our racially embarrassing history. Indeed, it is thrilling to see the LGBT agenda on the president’s desk and Hispanics courted at every turn. But just as Sonia Sotomayor did not single-handedly obliterate racial animosity toward Hispanics, Barack Obama cannot erase structural racism over which he does not preside.


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