Sarah Liz Perrich

Sarah Liz Perrich

Sarah Liz Perrich is a Baltimore girl who currently teaches and writes in Istanbul.

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Turkish Activists Protest in Gezi Park. Photo By: Sarah Liz Perrich

There has been a great misconception in Western media that the protests in Turkey died down after the initial Gezi Park protests. In fact, Western media consumers, rather puzzled why people were making such a fuss over trees, turned their attention to other stories after a day or two. Egypt had problems, Syria had problems, and Turkey was forgotten. In fact, through most neighborhoods there were marches every night. In an effort to curb them, the Prime Minister banned banging on pots and pans.

Gezi Park Protests. Photo By: Sarah Liz Perrich

Koş means run in Turkish. When you hear it while you're behind a barricade, you do not ask questions, you run. This is the best way to avoid physical harm, whether from a gas cannister intentionally aimed at the head or trampling.

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