Shawna Potter

Shawna Potter

Shawna Potter, Director. Shawna is the only child of a single mother, therefore, a feminist. She has been living in Baltimore since 2002 but has experienced harassment in countless cities while on tour with various musical projects. She currently screams for War On Women, is ordained to perform wedding ceremonies and runs Big Crunch Amp & Guitar Repair with her partner in life and crime.


FORCE (Photo: Shawna Potter)

Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato are organizers, artists, activists and educators working in Baltimore, MD. I had a chance to sit down with them at Rebecca’s art studio, located in Station North Arts District.

In response to a piece published last week in the Baltimore City Paper about a write-in category for Best of Baltimore, I sent the following letter to the editor.

- Shawna Potter, director of Hollaback Bmore!

To whom it may concern,


Baltimore, MD. On May 21st, the ultra-femme, genderqueer, and more!, of Baltimore will celebrate International Day Against Homophobia with an Anti-Hate Prom at The Windup Space, 12 W. North Avenue, in Station North Arts District, at 9pm.

Walking down the street with a friend, we passed two men in their late 20s, a little older than us, and one of them grabbed my butt and squeezed. The men didn’t miss a beat as they continued walking, both laughing.

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