Black Church 101: What Activists need to know about this revolutionary agent

Black Church 101: What Activists need to know about this revolutionary agent

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In the Black Liberation Struggle in America and many other parts of the world, it's nearly impossible to talk about revolution and self-determination without speaking of the Black Church. As the only autonomous institution in the Black Community, the church has provided meeting space, liberatory theology, material support, protection, nurture and advocacy for generations. Many Black revolutionaries and social change agents were groomed in the bosom of the Black Church and/or used it's Spirit-language as a launching pad in their fight against White Supremacy such as: Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, Sojourner Truth, Marcus Garvey, Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, and a great number of others.

Despite its deep and rich connection with the Black Liberation Struggle; many White activists and revolutionaries are disconnected from the Black Church and Black People of Faith. The importance of the Black Church is grossly underestimated in White activist circles. There is a sense that many White activists just don't know where to begin when it comes to understanding this Black-led institution.

In this workshop, led by Rev. Heber Brown III, participants will receive a foundational knowledge about the Black Church, hear from Black clergy and lay people, and gain tips on how to begin establishing relationships and strategic, mutually-beneficial partnerships for revolutionary organizing and activism.