Earth First!

Earth First!

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No System But The Ecosystem! A history and possible future of the Earth First! movement

In this presentation an Earth First! organizer and agitator will briefly introduce the EF! movement's history and its possible future, exploring its relations to other radical efforts (such as Occupy Wall Street), and its contribution to the re-emergence of a global resistance to capitalism and the state.

The Earth First! movement, which began in 1979, has had a presence in several countries around the world. While the movement has been relatively small in numbers, it has had a significant impact influencing other social movements and the society at large.

For over 30 years, Earth First! has challenged people to take the human species down off of the industry-constructed hierarchy of the planet's wild nature. We feel movement has succeeded in surviving so long precisely because the style of anarchistic organizing and decentralized direct action which it uses. By reflecting the informal, organic and adaptive qualities we see in the Earth's systems, we have endured the state repression and spirit-crushing misery of industrial domination.

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