Magical Activism

Magical Activism

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Stories and songs the from emerging magical cultures of the Cascadia region, drawing from the potent alliance between the Activist Witches and the Radical Faeries as we build towards community practices of earth based spirituality rooted in the land as the foundation for struggle.

In 'Caliban and the Witch' Sylvia Federici details how the imposition of capitalism in Europe and elsewhere has been necessarily accompanied by attacks on magical folk traditions and feminine power. Magic, defined in opposition to science, has been systematically de-legitimized and co-opted by capitalism. "The world had to be disenchanted in order to be dominated."

The magical world view imbues each place, moment, object and being with unique meaning and value, challenging the homogenization that capital depends on. Starhawk defines magic as "the art of changing consciousness at will." I can provide resources for acquiring magical tools and guide a discussion around the ways that magic can serve the struggle for social justice.