Parenting as Politics

Parenting as Politics

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A workshop focused around the theme of radical parenting! A DIY forum for discussion, self-education and analysis of a number of practical/political issues surrounding birth and children in the movement:

  • vegan prenatal care (e.g. nutrition, exercise, holistic health)
  • natural child birth (e.g. non-intervention, partner-assisted childbirth using midwives and doulas)
  • the politics and ethics of receiving midwifery care
  • finding a pediatrician (e.g. insurance versus no insurance, vacines, diet....)
  • dynamics of partner relationships with pregnancy (e.g. sharing tasks, communication, sharing your experience with the community)
  • DIY child prepping (e.g. building an 'urban nursery' in tiny quarters, cloth diapering, making expensive baby care things)

After a brief presentation, there will be a discussion surrounding issues of anti-authoritarian parenting, looking more broadly at issues of veganism, gender, child care, discipline, healthcare and more.