Privacy and Security Technologies for Activists

Privacy and Security Technologies for Activists

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The surveillance and monitoring of activist organizing by the State is nothing new. Today, with the advent of advanced digital surveillance technologies developed by intelligence and homeland security industries, the ability for spying on activist online communications has become trivially easy and cheap (and legal!).

As governments have rushed to censor and/or monitor the dissemination of potentially damaging information in the wake of global uprisings and Wikileaks' publishing of thousands of diplomatic cables, activists must be more vigilant to ensure the privacy of our online communications.

In this workshop, I'll give a brief overview of currently known surveillance efforts by government and corporate entities, and then go over some of the free and widely-available technologies that activists can use to keep their data and communications private.


Dan Staples is a digital security enthusiast/hacker, as well as a collective member of the Baltimore activist media organization The Indypendent Reader.