Radical Law

Radical Law

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Panel discussion on legal strategies with Peter Sabonis and Garret Wright

Garrett Wright will discuss his work with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). The NLG is the oldest progressive/radical bar association in the United States and has supported many social justice movements during its 75 year history. In NYC, the local Guild chapter is currently providing legal support to Occupy Wall Street; providing Street Law trainings to youth of color about stop and frisk police encounters; providing Know Your Rights trainings in Muslim communities about NYPD and FBI surveillance, harassment, and entrapment; and supporting movements for racial, economic, gender, housing, and environmental justice.

Peter Sabonis works with housing organizations and community groups to promote the right to decent and affordable housing for all. He is a long-time advocate for persons who are homeless, serving as co-founder and then director of the Baltimore-based Homeless Persons Representation Project, and then as an attorney and advocate for homeless youth in Maine. His day labor organizing initiative in Baltimore led to the creation of the United Workers, a human rights organization, and as an Assistant Director of Advocacy at the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, he led the Bureau to adopt a human rights framework for its statewide advocacy. Sabonis was a former legislative counsel at the Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means Committee, and received a BS in Economics from the University of Maryland, and a J.D. from Northeastern University.