What is Feminism Now?: Cultivating Feminist Tactics

What is Feminism Now?: Cultivating Feminist Tactics

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Organized by the forces behind Hollaback! Bmore, FORCE, and the Baltimore Dyke March. We aim to have representatives speak on what the terrain of feminist organizing looks like today, including, but not limited to:

  1. Confronting Rape Culture
  2. LBTQ Women's Rights
  3. Reproductive Justice
  4. Women of Color Struggles
  5. Sex Worker Rights
  6. Class Struggles within Feminism

In what many are referring to as: Post-Wave Feminism, we aim to look at how feminism plays out in particular social movements - be they: Occupy or the battle between pro- and anti-choice. As we believe that intersectionality defines our feminist activism, we aim to have a broad spectrum of individuals discussing the realities that they face and the realities that we work for. As we put together this workshop, we aim for it to be a dynamic discussion/brainstorming session on the tactics that we utilize, the barriers that we both create and abolish for one another, and where we go from here in order to build our movements upon a strong feminist foundation.